His & Hers Barber School employs highly skilled and experienced instructors that

combine the latest teaching techniques with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Infusing this knowledge with  state-of-the-art technology  will enable us to teach self-sufficiency, to promote successful employment in the field of barbering and to contribute in building entrepreneurial minds.  We focus on professionalism, along with self-help skills that are valuable in life and successfully working in barbershops and salons.

Recession Proof: One of the most rewarding benefits of being a barber is the job security that comes with it. Once you have learned the craft you can take it with you anywhere. A slow economy will not kill your business the same way it would a niche market. A quality skill set and an understanding of effective customer service will allow barbers to ride the economic waves.

Job Security: Not everything is about money but it certainly does make an impact on our day to day lives. Barbers have the potential to meet or exceed the annual income of a person with a 4 year degree. This can be achieved at a fraction of the cost in tuition and in a fraction of the time. At 2+ haircuts per hour a barber can make a great living in Illinois.

Time: By law barber students are required to complete 1500 hours at an Illinois licensed barber college. At His & Hers Barber College students can graduate and begin an exciting new career in as little as 13 months with full-time enrollment and 20 months part-time.

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